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Checking your breasts for changes: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Most of our new patients make an appointment to see a Consultant Breast Surgeon with a new concern about their breast. Many of these women are unsure about how and when to check their breasts and ask for advice on this during their appointment.

Monday 8th October 2018

Aside from our experienced Consultant Breast Surgeons, there are many fantastic resources freely available to help women check their breasts for changes. One of the most useful websites is Breast Cancer Now.

Breast Cancer Now is the largest UK breast cancer research charity and they make checking your breasts simple by breaking it down into 'TLC': Touch, Look, Check.

Find the link to their website below for further information on how to check your breasts, as well as the link to their free phone app. "Breast Check Now" which uses technology to remind and guide us to check our breasts and be breast aware.


Breast Cancer Now online resource

Breast Check Now App



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