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Listening workshop

The Harley Street Breast Clinic team undertook a listening workshop.

Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Our team at The Harley Street Breast Clinic attended a Listening Workshop where we learnt about the key skills for empathetic listening. Whilst we feel our listening skills as medical professionals are of a very good standard, we can all improve our communication and the team were highly engaged and interested in the topic.


Interestingly, most of the team felt they could improve on their empathetic listening skills by practicing silence, as became quite evident during this vocal and interactive workshop. In the realms of empathetic listening, silence is the quietening the voice and mind to allow others to express their opinions fully. People in healthcare commonly have friendly, extroverted personalities however, we must allow the time and space for others to communicate by using silence as a tool to fully understand what someone is saying.


We found the workshop extrememly valuable and are working on our empathetic listening skills daily. Thank you to the Human Resources department who created the workshop.

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