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Annual Patient Survey - The Results!

We undertake an annual survey to hear from you, our patients, about how you feel we perfom as a clinic.

Tuesday 26th March 2019

The Harley Street Breast Clinic run a comprehensive annual patient survey and the results are ready!


100% of our One Stop (symptomatic) patients fully agree that they would recommend our clinic to their friends and family.

100% of our Screening patients fully or mostly agree they would recommend our clinic to their family and friends.


We are happy to hear all the positive feedback from you, our patients. We also take any constructive criticism as ‘free advice’ on how to improve our service. It is only with your input that we can continue to provide, what we believe is, the highest quality service in diagnostic breast imaging.


A learning point we have taken away from the survey is to make the complaints policy more clear. We currently have it available on display within the patient information leaflet, however will review how to make this more easily seen for patients who do not choose to read our leaflets.

A second area which our patients fed back to us as an opportunity for improvement is the speed at which our Surgeons dictate their letters. Most people were happy; however some people hoped to receive their letters more quickly. We will discuss this feedback with the team of doctors to ensure we are accommodating the needs of our patients.

Thirdly, some new patients would like more clarity from our house receptionist in instructing where to go for the appointment. This has already been discussed with the building manager who will make these improvements.



If you would like to see the full results statistics, we will make these available to you upon request. If you have any further comments, we are always keen to hear your thoughts and feedback. Please get in touch via the website booking system, phone us on 02079086071 or email our Registered Manager on


Thank you again to those who took the time to respond to our annual survey.

Contact our Breast Care Team

If you would like to book an appointment or if you are a doctor who would like to refer a patient then please call our Breast Care Team on +44 (0)20 7908 6071 or email us here.

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