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Digital Mammogram

Mammograms are low dose x-rays of the breast. They are generally only carried out in women over the age of 35 years, and women over 40 can self refer for an annual check up.

Breast tissue in younger women is relatively more dense with the result that the details of the breast tissue on the image is lost. However over the age of 35 a mammogram is seen to be the most effective type of investigation of breast problems.

A mammogram is carried out by a female Radiographer who has specialised training. The breast is compressed between the two surfaces of the digital mammogram unit, which most women find uncomfortable but not painful. The mammogram itself takes just a few seconds, and is repeated on the other side. The whole procedure usually takes less than 20 minutes.

The digital mammogram images are viewed and reported by a Consultant Breast Radiologist with immediate results during the one stop breast clinic. If you are attending outside of these times, the results usually take two working days.

If you have had previous mammograms these will be compared with your present mammograms. Please be sure to bring your old mammograms along if they are in your possession, otherwise we will obtain them from another hospital for you.

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