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Routine and rapid breast screening with same-day diagnosis, advice and treatments for all breast problems.

3rd Floor, 148 Harley Street, London, W1G 7LG

Management of breast problems

At The Harley Street Breast Clinic, our experts use the newest techniques and technologies to ensure each breast problem is dealt with in the best possible way.

  • BBC News, UK Breast Cancer figures for under 50s
    Tuesday 7th May 2013

    Professor Ian Fentiman from The Harley Street Breast Clinic, responds to the BBC News article "Breast Cancer Cases in UK Under 50's top 10,000 a Year" (BBC, 2013);

  • Novel Genomic Test
    Thursday 14th June 2012

    Unilabs IHS, a leading supplier of cellular pathology services in the UK, announced today that its patients will now have access to the Oncotype DX breast cancer test at their partner clinics and hospitals, including the The Harley Street Breast Clinic in London.

  • Care Quality Commission Accreditation
    Friday 18th May 2012

    The Harley Street Breast Clinic completed the national CQC accreditation inspection in April 2012.

  • Professor Ian Fentiman, Consultant Breast Surgeon
    Tuesday 10th April 2012

    The Harley Street Breast Clinic is delighted to welcome Professor Ian Fentiman who joined us in May 2012

  • Removal of cancerous tumours in the breast
    Friday 24th February 2012

    Surgical removal of the cancerous tumour in the breast improves survival in patients with spread to other organs – Although many patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer have early stage disease with only a cancerous lump in their breast and no sign of spread elsewhere, some patients are found to have spread to other organs such as the bones, lungs and liver.

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